a special project

Don't recycle those jars just yet...I used mine to make "thank you" gifts for my boys teachers. I filled them with smarties, how quaint. You could use these for any kind of gift or storage need.

color me mine projects

Flare Coffee Mug, made for a friend with a special message inside ;0)
A birthday plate, with our names & dates, we will use this on our special day.

unlike the normal posts

This "School Bus" cake was a cinch! I baked 2 cakes in a bread pan, layered them and then frosted it adding vanilla cookies and donuts. You can use licorice and m&m's for more detailed decorating.

My "Lego" cake, I'm certainly no pro at this, but was delighted to see it somewhat resembled blocks. You can use any cake mix, bake it in a bread pan, then frost it. I actually made the circles out of frosting, then froze them before placing them onto the cakes.


yet another album!

This "Our Home" album was made for a close friend who moved out of state.