Mini Album Swap

I was assigned to Otilia, this is what I made for her.
What I got back from her was just amazing,
I love it and will post it next (look above)


A canvas album

You will need 2- 5x7 canvas' (JoAnn's $2.99),
I painted any white surface Espresso with Adinorack paint.
Using heavy cardstock, I cut the paper 7in h x 10 in w,
then scored every 1/2 inch and pleated

Attach the pleated cardstock to the backside of the canvas and add pages.
Two pleats equal one page.
The chipboard was cut a tad shorter then the 5x7 canvas's.
I then used patterned paper to cover each side.

Here's the front, I used an acrylic sheet to protect the shadow box area.

Inside is unfinished, I will add embellishments and photos later.

The last page in the book, which is the second canvas.

Here you can see how I attached the chipboard pages, using gromets and ribbon.


got that decoupage itch again...

Occasionally, the need to decoupage gets under my skin, luckliy my son gets some neat 'robot' accessories for his room as a result. I used acrylic paint for the outside of the "C" and Ailene's Decoupaging glue. This project actually cost under $7...pretty cool, ey?

coffee cabin cup holder album

Earlier this week, I met up with a friend for shopping and coffee...they had a dispenser full of these coffee cup holders at anyone's disposal, so we each took a few. I printed up 12 inspiring quotes (wisdomquotes.com) and placed one on each page inside. Alex I hope you see this :o)

7 gypsies

Hands down, 7 Gypsies is my favorite line for scrapbooking accessories, papers, embellishments and more. I'm so drawn to the vintage, worn and weathered look,it really inspires to me to keep creating and trying new things. Here's some chipboard peices that I painted with acrylics. I can't wait to use them on a new project!

a cool etsy buy

I found these on etsy (www.annie42.etsy.com) for a terrific bargain. Again, using acrylics and a dry brush technique, I was able to achieve an antique and worn look. These turned out so amazing, I'm so excited to do more of this kind of stuff.

skeleton keys

Skeleton keys have me doing jumpin' jacks when I see 'em. They have been a long time hobby, way before their popularity. I was thrilled when a friend saw this particular set and nudged me over to take a look. Here's how I gave them some life, I used a dark layer of brown paint, followed by a dry brush to apply the bronze in order to give a rustic and vintage-y look.